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Livmark Digital Agency is a full service agency. We provide almost every possible marketing and design services to our clients. You give us your goal or any other objective and we take over from there. We take a close look to your goal and start planning, designing, creating and implementing the solution. 

After predefined period of time our solution being live, we go back and analyze all the relevant resulting data. This step helps us to edit and adapt our solution for maximum results. You (client) and our team communicate very closly throughout the whole process so we can better understand your needs and wants.

We pride ourselves on being able to always deliver the most creative and practical solutions to our clients. 

We offer a full stack of digital services

We pride ourselves on being different and versatile within the Digital Space in which we all partake in daily.

Online advertising is one the most powerful marketing tools out there. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a enormous corporation to start seeing the results.

There is NO chance your potential customers aren’t on any Social Media platform. So we need to make your brand visible and heard ASAP on those platforms.

We give our best to build the most beautiful, functional and intuitive websites and apps
users will want to return to.

Lets fix your website and move you from 8th page on Google to the top of the first page.

Studies have shown that video performs MUCH better than still images for all the different kinds of conversions.

About us

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Luka Krčmar
Project Manager
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Marko Krčmar
UX Designer
Zdravka Benko
Lead Developer

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