Digital Marketing

 Creative juices are flowing. So don’t wait too long and let us know your goals.


Find your brand’s voice.

Creative solutions to improve your business!

digital advertising

Place the right message in front of the right people at the right time. You have to be visible online.

social media marketing

Social Media is your friend who knows alot of people. Use it to establish relationships with your customers.

web development

Webiste needs to be very easy for visitors to use but also needs to be nicely designed.


The visibility of your site on Google is vital. We optimize the structure and content of your site.

mobile apps

A lot of business started noticing they can achieve better user experience with mobile Apps without losing user’s trust.

video production

Everybody knows motion pictures aka video performs much better than regular static pictures. Utilize it!



Always trying to establish quality relationship with our clients and achieve their loyalty.



Not taking any project for granted and never looking to shortcut it.

Web Development
Our Company Values

Creative and Fresh Ideas

Proud to say are team excells in creative ideas when it comes to marketing.


We offer a full stack
of digital services

Online advertising is one the most powerful marketing tools out there. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to be a enormous corporation to start seeing the results.

There is NO chance your potential customers aren’t on any Social Media platform. So we need to make your brand visible and heard ASAP on those platforms.

We give our best to build the most beautiful, functional and intuitive websites and apps
users will want to return to.

Lets fix your website and move you from 8th page on Google to the top of the first page.

Studies have shown that video performs MUCH better than still images for all the different kinds of conversions.

Our Company's mission

helping our clients achieve business growth

Every single one of our services has only ONE main goal: Growth of your business! Simple but not really.

Believe in us and we’ll D-E-L-I-V-E-R.


Our Projects

We displayed some of our projects for you Projects that include UI & UX Design, Web Development, Social Media Marketing and Branding.

UI & UX Design

End customer is always on our minds when creating our digital products.

Web Design

Ugly website doesn't cut it in today's age.

Social Media Marketing

All the people's attention is there. Your brand needs to be aswell.


Branding is the only thing that keeps you alive when everything hits the fan.

Work Process

Steps to Success

Get familiar with our process of helping businesses with their brand in the Digital World




Measure & Analyze

Adapt & Grow

About us

Meet Our Team

Meet our people behind Livmark Agency that are crucial for our growth

Luka Krčmar
Project Manager
2017_03_22_Marko_21_rodendan 4
Marko Krčmar
UX Designer
Zdravka Benko
Lead Developer

Reach new heights with your business

You are amazing at your craft, but not in marketing or branding? We appreciate your self-awareness and are ready to assist you.


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